• Patrick and Richard and Patrick's brother have both requests with Jack Star to approach anything. Patrick and Richard search the wait a minute thing and then they locate it. During a sneak Patrick and Richard have corrupted guards and then kills them and escapes. Patrick and Richard take it back for themselves.
  • At the alley Patrick and Richard find a group of Security enforcers and then kills them and searches the spotlight in the van. Patrick goes up to the roof with a sniper rifle in order to correct Ricaed promptly. During a scope Patrick uses a sniper rifle scope something with it and then he uses it and stops. During a shootout Patrick and Richard have a group of DEA agents and then kills them all and leaves them for dead and then leaves the roof.
  • In the alley Patrick runs to Richard and finds a group of DEA agents and then kills them all and then returns to the van and then gets in. Patrick drives Richard safe to the getaway location and then finds it. At the getaway location Patrick and Richard finds a getaway car and then gets in it. Patrick drives with Richard into the foundation and then drives in and has a group of DEA agents and then kills them all and escapes.
  • Patrick and Richard drives to Sheldon Planktons house to get the hint and then drives into the gate. At Sheldon Planktons house Patrick walks up to Sheldon Plankton and a group of Plankton members arrive and then Patrick kills them. Patrick goes to a gas station to find a store that's there. Patrick enters the store and talks to Mike a store manager (Frankie Muniz) and he says nice job.

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