These are various spin-off shows of Spongebob Squarepants. Plan on Planets

The gang goes into space! (one small step for us, one giant step for Spongebob!)

Jellyfish MakerEdit

Created by Spongefan2, you can make your own jellyfish, along with places for them to hang out! Just follow this link:

The Jellyfish Maker

Sleepy Time(Spin-Off)Edit

We go inside SpongeBob and Co's dreams, where they have their worst battles! (Dream On!)

The Adventures of Spongebob Squarepants: Sponge GeniusEdit

Spinoff logo for thoughtful productions

What could Sandy's unsuccesful invention do with Spongebob? Is he still same Spongebob? Why he named yourself "Spongebob GeniusPants"? Check out and learn! ("Brainstorming!")

Karen's Digital AdventuresEdit

Karen and her friends find Digital Bottom! (Downloading..........)

SpongeBob Vs. VirusesEdit

SpongeBob and Friends are sent in a computer world, with the dangers! 01101101...

The Quickster: The Animated SeriesEdit

SpongeBob gets amnesia and now he fights crime as...... The Quickster!!!!!! (The Quickster...... AWAY!!!!!!!!)

Fairly OddPants!Edit

SpongeBob and Friends have found a special crystal which makes their wishes come true! But then again, there are the downsides... Read further for more information...

Spongebob Squarepants Anime

Sandy's crazy machine went wild and cause the town to turn into humans! They where greatful that now they can do anything as a human. Join Now it's the squel to Spongebob Squarepants. (Love the Anime)

SpongeKid SlightPantsEdit

It's about Spongebob's and his friends' life as kids! (You can't get into past, don't you? Anyway, I can!)

SpyPants! "SpyPants" is a spin-off created by Deetfeet that anyone can help write! (Look Into the Files) The Mr. Krabs Show

Mr. Krabs is making a list!


Wondered what SpongeBob and co. talk about off set of the show? Well SpongeChat will reveal it all! (View the history!)

Harold And Friends Edit

The show whoms name is listed above is a spin-off created by Deetfeet that anyone can help write! Its abould Harold moving in an apartment with Tom & Fred. These are all background fish in SB SP. (WRITE, IF YOU EVEN DARE TO TRY)

The Krusty HotelEdit

It's about all Spongebob characters moved into The Krusty Hotel and their lifes after this. (Move in - The doors are open!)

SpongeBrawl Edit

The brawl is on and Spongebob and the gang all fight to the death! Who will be the ultimate fighter? (The Battle is on)

Sponge Band Edit

Some of the characters form a band (Take A Look Into This)

The Super Best Friends Adventures Edit

If you like IJLSA Adventures then you should like The Super Best Friends Adventures. (Read More)

The Series The ThoughtfulEdit

Yeah, I am really thoughtful, but you can, too. JOIN OR READ MORE

Spongebob's Greatest Adventures.Edit

Spongebob and the gang have return for more crazy adventures. Go to Spongebob's Greatest Adventures.

SpongeBob and Co. At the Greatest House in the World!Edit

SpongeBob and co. moves into The Greatest House in the World! (Spin-off of Spongebob And Co. At Sea Vegas.) (Move In Right Now!)






Sponged TogetherEdit

Picture 6

"Sponged Together" is a fan-fiction series created by "Deetfeet" that anyone can help write! (READ SOME MORE)




Welcome to Sea Paradise!Edit

Welcome to Sea Paradise! is a Fan-fiction series created by Spongeman537 that anyone can help write! It's about Sponge Bob, Patrick, and Sandy moving to Bikini Utopia! (Read more)

The New Spongeventures Of SpongeBob SquarePantsEdit

The New Spongeventures Of SpongeBob SquarePants is a fan-fiction series of the newest series of SpongeBob. (Read more)

SpongeBob Rider Dragon KnightEdit

Based on the American/Brazil series based on Kamen Rider Ryuki,the 2002 japenese Kamen Rider season. (Read more)

SpongeBob Rangers Operation OverdriveEdit

This is based on the 2007 Power Rangers season based on the 2006 season. (Read more)

Spongebob Squarepants: The Fanfiction EpisodesEdit

A bunch of episodes made by you! And this will be real soon. (Read more)

SpongeBob Rider DecadeEdit

A spin-off of SpongeBob Rider Dragon Knight.

Patrick Star(Series)Edit

A Spin-off in the works.Please Visit. Patrick Star(Series).

Spongebob And Co. At Sea VegasEdit

Spongebob and friends are move to poplar Sea Vegas soon! For now, who wants jobs? (Read More)

The squidward showEdit

Squidward hate's everything(The Squidward Show)try this shows The Patrick Star Show. The spongebob showThe Sandy Show.

Sandy's DiaryEdit

A spin-off of the episode Sandy's Diary. See Sandy's Diary (Series)

Journys To Atlantic Ocean        Edit

 Journys To Atlantic Ocean- is a fan series created by Spongefan2 every spongebob fan can go and it's about spongebob and friends goes a long journy to atlantic ocean

IJLSA AdventuresEdit

IJLSA Adventures is a Fan-fiction series created by Sponge321 that anyone can help write! It's about SpongeBob, Squidward, Patrick, and Sandy becoming the I.J.L.S.A. and protecting Bikini Bottom from E.V.I.L. (Read more)

Mysims and Spongebob!Edit

Many of the sims come to Bikini Bottom to have fun! (Read more if ye dare! )

SpongeBob SquarePants, Formula One DriverEdit

SpongeBob gets his drivers license and becomes a Formula One driver! (Read more)

Nicktoons Reunited!Edit

When Nicktoon villains attack,only one team can save the day:Nicktoons Squad!(Read more or you're toast!)

Ninja SpongeBob KakurangerEdit

When an evil Japanese army strikes,it's up to the new kakurangers!

Patrick Knows What HowEdit

this is a show that patrick's test see Patrick Knows What How

Boat SmartsEdit

Boat Smarts is a series about SpongeBob in boating school,and Mrs. Puff tries to teach basic Boat Smarts.Note:No Crossovers.This Can't take them for it's type of show.

MEGA Science Team: Digital WarriorsEdit

The MEGA Science Team is ready for an adventure to protect us!Note:Yes this icludes SpongeBob and Friends! To see it,see this link (MEGA Science Team: Digital Warriors)

MEGA Science Team: Adventure 02Edit

The MEGA Science Team returns to fight the Machine Empire.To see it, see this link (MEGA Science Team: Adventure 02)

Holloween SpongeEdit

When Spongebob Wants Another Adventure Sandy Tries To Cheer Him up with a holloween machine will spongebob stop this madness of holloween

Fore there team vs there Monsters Holloween Sponge

The Suite Life of SpongeBob and PatrickEdit

The gang has moved into Bikini Bottom Hotel! What will happen there? ( Read more)

Crazy Views With SuperSaiyanKirby and SNITEdit

SuperSaiyanKirby and SNIT hosts this interview show called Crazy Views With SuperSaiyanKirby and SNIT. It'll be a blast! ( Read more!)

Spongebob through timeEdit

Spongebob gets seperated through time and the universe begins again. (Read more of time!)

Spongebob and the fighty teamEdit

Spongebob's world is token over by Xeaveus and Spongebob and his team plans to fight to the end. (Fight to read!)

SuperSaiyanKirby's Cartoon HeroesEdit

SuperSaiyanKirby arrived on Earth, now he has to assemble the perfect team to stop The Evil Saiyans from Dimension 9000.(Read to Save the Worlds!)

Himitsu SpongeBob GorangerEdit

The world's in peril, and now it's up to the Gorangers to save the day! (Go,GoGo,Go,GoGO!)

Squidward's TalesEdit

Squidward's Tales features Squidward in a stop motion world. Come over here!

Sandy's DiaryEdit

came on air. Features a character called Mister Booama.

Under the Sea by CG (Chaotics Guy)Edit

Spongebob and a few others are going around Bikini Bottom with mysteries on every corner...

The Old Man Jenkins ShowEdit

The Old Man Jenkins Show is a fan-fiction series created by Deetfeet that everyone can help write! (Read More)

The prehistory AdventuresEdit

The Pre-History Adventures is a Fan-fiction series created by spongefan2 that anyone can help and write! See Spongebob and Friends in the pre-history times like spongegar and patar 

'(Read More and Badonga Ready)'

Welcome To Spongy Paradise!Edit

Welcome To Spongy Paradise! is about when SpongeBob, Patrick, and Squidward is tired of Bikini Bottom, they move to a city called New Bottom City (parody of New York City) and meets more friends.

(Move In!)

SpongeBob KartEdit

Again this is another series that anyone can help write. It's racing season in Bikini Bottom, and SpongeBob and friends decide to enter the race. (Let's race to the page and read more!)

SpongeBob AcresEdit

It's acres season, and all of the people move to Bikini Acres. (Get on Your Scooters!)

The Newer Adventures of SpongeBob SquarePants! Sequel to The New Adventures Of SpongeBob SquarePants. (Get Wacky!)

The future at Bikini Bottom Spongebob and his friends go to the future (Get ready for danger!)

Spongebob's Guide Need somes tips or ideas? Go to Spongebob's Guide to edit a chapter or gets some tips and ideas. ( Page only was created November 29th 2009 by MissAppear869)


The Stupid Misadventures Of Patrick Star!Edit

A new spin-off by William Leonard that's all Patrick, PATRICK, PATRICK!!! (Uhhhhhhhh...)

Spongebob BabiesEdit

Spongebob Babies A new spin-off by Phineasandferbfan2010 is about babies. (Let's Crawl!)

The Fred Show

Fred's adventures are seen! Read more The Clammy Awards Show

Who will win?

The New Adventures of Magma

Magma is away from his team! See what he does on his own! (Read to see Heat)

Tentle acres

What happens in Tecntacle Acres? Look here! (the brochure).

Adventures in DoodleLand

We take a break from SpongeBob and focous on DoodleBob.( fvjfshgvfhghhfndfnghfjdghfdsh[Translation: Doodle Today!)

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