This is a fanon spin-off created by William Leonard.



15 episodes were ordered for Season 1.

1. "SpongeBob DreamPants" by William Leonard

Dream SpongeBob tries to keep SpongeBob asleep for longer so he can play with Dream Patrick.

2. "All Together Now!" by William Leonard

Dream Patrick releases a song, but it gets loud enough for SpongeBob to wake up! Dream Patrick tries to make SpongeBob go back to sleep to see Dream SpongeBob again.

3. "Squidward in Dreamland" by JellyfishJam38

Dream Squidward finds a strange key in his dreams that allows him to go on thousands of adventures! But when he is trapped in outer space during an adventure, can he make his way out of Dreamland???

4. "The Nightmare" by Stephen Burg

Spongebob tries to sleep with Squidward for the night, and this gives Squidward a nightmare!

5. "Dream Bubbles! by William Leonard

Dream SpongeBob finds the things that spark dreams - Dream Bubbles! But he has to find one leading to Patrick's, and during that, lots of trouble is made!

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