• Patrick and his brother and Richard and Jack appreciate what there up to and everything that is on a list and then he sees it and then he gets to a computer. On a computer Patrick signs in and then he creates a link to set up the Super Wiki link and then he leaves his computer. Patrick leaves his house for a long trip to the Zoo on the way. At the zoo Patrick walks in the zoo and then he watches all the animals animal 1 (Tom Kenny) and Animal 2 (Armie Hammer) and Animal 3 (Clancy Brown) and Animal 4 (Bill Fagerbakke and then he checks It out.
  • At the trail of the zoo Patrick has the Club members in a firefight and then he kills them and leaves them dead and then goes to the office. Patrick kills the club members in the office and then he leaves the office once and for all. Patrick walks around another path and finds the club members and then kills them and then leaves the zoo. On the leave Patrick returns to his car and then he leaves the zoo once and for all on a destination encounter.

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