• Patrick and Patrick's Brother and Richard and Jack Star are enjoying Tv with themselves and then Spongebob and Squidward and Mr. Krabs comes in to separate the pretzel machine while working themselves and then Patrick gives him a pretzel and then they leave the house and then Patrick goes out. During a drive Patrick and Luke Spacey Lee and Sheldon Plankton both go to Rickpat's house to know how things are going. At Rickpat's house Patrick finds Rickpat and then he has Russian soldiers and then Patrick kills the Russian soldiers and leaves them dead. Patrick tackles Rickpat to the ground and then Luke Spacey Lee kills Rickpat and then Patrick confronts him.
  • Patrick gets a phone call from Spongebob to return to the car with Luke Spacey Lee and Sheldon Plankton while Patrick gets out and leaves. Patrick and Luke and Sheldon Plankton drives to Spongebob's restaurant that he built once and for all. At Spongebob's Resraurant Patrick and Luke and Sheldon go inside and then they enter to meet Spongebob. In the restaraunt Spongebob talks to Patrick and Luke and Sheldon while Patrick gets his soda for lunch while they ask the employee named Russell George (Aiden Longworth) about the question and everything.
  • Patrick has his soda and then drinks it once and for all. Patrick talks to Spongebob while Luke and Sheldon go to the bathroom and covince it. Patrick tells Spongebob on how to learn to keep Gary safe and then Spongebob shows Patrick the photo on Spongebob's cellphone about Gary. Patrick predicts Spongebob's question to learn what is right in the restaurant and expected. At the house Patrick and Spongebob has a talk with Richard and Patrick's Brother and Jack on how to learn what is right on the claim.

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