• Patrick (Bill Fagerbakke) and Patrick's Brother (Joe Pantaliano) and Richard (Dave Franco) and Jack Star (Jon Hamm) is in the house working while they leave the house on there leave they drive to the tree. At the tree dome Patrick and Patrick's Brother and Richard and Jack go through the tree dome and then they have the Star Crime Family and then kills them and takes there weapons. Patrick and his brother and Richard and Jack go to the hiking trail and then the wild animal jumps on Patrick's and then bites him and then Jack calls him for medical attention. In the hospital Patrick wakes up when Elaine talks to him about the arm and then he survives and then gets out of the hospital bed.
  • Patrick follows Elaine through the hospital after the arm was bitten when he woke up in the hospital. Patrick has the Star Crime Family outside of the building and then kills them. Patrick finds Billy Mayes and kills him.

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