• Patrick and his brother and Richard must find a way to hack Google and use it as a applicator. Patrick logs into google and then he hacks it and then shuts it down. Patrick has a group of Arms trade members and then kills them And then goes outside. On the street Patrick has a group of Arms trade members and then tracks them down to kill them and then gets a car and then gets in.
  • Patrick goes to the chop shop to get the tool outside and then he picks it up and gets back in the car. Patrick Takes the tool to the lockup and then stores it in. Patrick leaves the lockup and notifies it. Patrick must use a phone to call Richard about the tool where he stored it. Patrick gets in the car with Richard and Spongebob and then they tell them to keep driving.
  • At the road Patrick and Spongebob and Richard make the stop to Greeve themselves about the situation.

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